Books by Dr. F.W. Boreham
FWB's rarest book, "Loose Leaves"
Frontice page of FWB's THE LUGGAGE OF LIFE
Faces In The Fire by FWB, frontice page
Catalogue of Dr. F. W. Boreham Books 1887 - 1919

Books By Dr. F.W. Boreham

1891 Won to Glory (with foreword by F.B. Meyer)

1902 Loose Leaves (travelogue)

1903 From England to Mosgiel (travelogue)

1903 The Whisper of God (The Baptist Pulpit series)

1911 George Augustus Selwyn (biography)

1912 The Luggage of Life

1914 Mountains in the Mist

1915 The Golden Milestone

1915 Mushrooms on the Moor

1916 Faces in the Fire

1917 The Other Side of the Hill

1918 The Silver Shadow

1919 The Uttermost Star

FWB Books of the 1920s

1920 A Bunch of Everlastings

1920 A Reel of Rainbow

1921 The Home of the Echoes

1922 A Reel Of Rainbow

1922 A Handful of Stars

1922 Shadows on the Wall

1923 Rubble and Roseleaves

1924 A Casket of Cameos

1924 Wisps of Wildfire

1925 The Crystal Pointers

1926 A Faggot of Torches

1926 A Tuft of Comet’s Hair

1927 The Nest of Spears

1928 The Temple of Topaz

1928 The Fiery Crags

1929 The Three Half Moons

FWB books of the 1930s

1930 The Blue Flame

1931 When the Swans Fly High

1932 A Witch’s Brewing

1933 The Drums of Dawn

1934 The Ivory Spires

1935 The Heavenly Octave

1935 Ships of Pearl

1936 The Passing of John Broadbanks

1939 I Forgot to Say

FWB books of the 1940s

1940 My Pilgrimage (Boreham’s autobiography)

1941 The Prodigal

1944 Boulevards of Paradise

1945 A Late Lark Singing

1948 Cliffs of Opal

1948 The Man Who Saved Gandhi (a short biography of Rev. J. J. Doke)

FWB Books of the 1950s & 60s

1951 Arrows of Desire

1953 My Christmas Book

1954 Dreams at Sunset

1954 In Pastures Green

1955 The Gospel of Robinson Crusoe

1956 The Gospel of Uncle Tom’s Cabin

1958 The Tide Comes In

1961 The Last Milestone

Crusty's Repentance

Rare booklets by Dr. F. W. Boreham

The Bachelors of Mosgiel

The Song of the Stars

Elspeth Discovers A New World

Peggy The Second

Three Little Ships

The Merry Man Of Mosgiel

FWB's booklets on display in the Mosgiel Public Library

Empty Pitchers by Dr. F.W. Boreham
Arrows of Desire by FWB

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